Revol SA is a French company specializing in culinary porcelain.

Located in the Drôme region since its establishment in 1768, for nine generations, the company has been managed by the same family – the Revols, then the Bourgognes and the Loires, and finally the Passots – whose origins go back to the 17th century, according to the most ancient records known today.

Basalt black ceramic clayware, the emblematic Froissé cup, the wood grains of Arborescence, the monobloc handles of Belle Cuisine, the black cast-iron finish, Eclipse, the tones of the Equinoxe range, and not forgetting Revolution Induction – they are all exclusive creations, and major technical and aesthetic feats achieved by our company.

All hand-made by over 200 talented and passionate porcelain workers in our factory in Saint-Uze, at the heart of Drôme in France, these unique products are our pride and joy. We are motivated by a single ambition – to provide you with articles of unmatched quality and originality that will be an unfailing source of inspiration, helping you in turn to express your creativity, the very essence of your wonderful profession. REVOL provides endless ways to transform your dining tables and delight your guests.

In the kitchen and on the dining table, everyone can create an emotion. Whether you’re an expert cook, an absolute beginner or a lover of beautiful objects, REVOL products will inspire you and bring you a sense of daring. Set your creativity free : dare to find new ways to cook, present and serve your dishes. Dare to use innovative porcelain, original textures and materials. Dare to delight your guests with audacity and sincerity – dare to create your own style!