Mealplak is a trademark of the Revol Group and produces an innovative range of non-porous table and buffet ware designed for the hotel, restaurant and catering industry.

Created from the unique patented acrylic derivative Nacryl, Mealplak products come in a wide range of colours and styles and have a unique translucent quality. From buffet stands to plates in an array of colours like raspberry or mandarin, Mealplak has a memorable range to choose from. Mealplak also offers a bespoke service, from simple branding to full custom range manufacture.

Mealplak products are robust and durable, dishwasher safe and guaranteed against UV damage for 10 years. The Nacryl material is temperature resistant from +80 to -80 degrees C and has exceptional thermal memory. If placed in an oven or freezer prior to service, Mealplak dishes can keep food hot or cold for up to half an hour.