Culinary porcelain made in France since 1768

Since 1768, Revol has been motivated by its quest for beauty and function. For nine generations, the company has been managed by their family – the Revols, then the Bourgognes, the Loires, and finally the Passots. The richness of their history is their first source of inspiration, and their boldness is at the service of their most beautiful culinary creations.

One of the last remaining porcelain makers in France, and one of the few in the world, to make their own clay.

All hand-made by over 200 talented and passionate porcelain workers in a factory in Saint-Uze, these unique products are their pride and joy.

Nine generations of accomplished and passionate artisans and technicians have passed down their skills and love for the craft. Nowadays, numerous stages of REVOL’s production are still made by hand, safeguarding the precision of the gesture and the beauty of the object. REVOL define ourselves as manufacturers because this is what they do. They are continually demonstrating technical innovation, creativity and ingenuity. They benefit from ultra-performing production equipment as well as a very sophisticated production process. The ingredients, essential to the manufacture of REVOL’s culinary porcelain, are all carefully selected: clay, quartz, feldspar and kaolin are carefully combined in a unique composition called “barbotine.”

Design, Partnership and Manufacturing

REVOL is motivated by a single ambition – to provide its customers with articles of unmatched quality and originality that will be an unfailing source of inspiration, helping them in turn to express your creativity, the very essence of your wonderful profession. REVOL provides endless ways to transform dining tables and delight guests.

In the kitchen and on the dining table, everyone can create an emotion. Whether you’re an expert cook, an absolute beginner or a lover of beautiful objects, REVOL products will inspire you and bring you a sense of daring. Set your creativity free: dare to find new ways to cook, present and serve your dishes. Dare to use innovative porcelain, original textures and materials. Dare to delight your guests with audacity and sincerity – dare to create your own style!

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