Stylist and vibrant presentation

Mealplak is a table and buffet ware food presentation collection from REVOL and designed for the hotel, restaurant, catering industry and home. All the products are made of an innovative resin called Nacryl® that does not break, scratch and is dishwasher safe. Each piece is finished by hand to give a unique silky touch.

Designed to underline the authenticity and generosity of the flavours of your food.

Mealplak has rolled out a repertoire of elegant and timeless materials with simple designs and colours.

Classic black, white and grey to lemon yellow, candy pink and sky blue to the distinguished but warm purity of anthracite grey and midnight blue. Designed for top-quality desserts, cakes or sweets, exceptional buffets and banquets, coffees shops or for gourmet snacks served in hotel rooms, lobbies, VIP lounges or at home.

NACRYL - An exclusive, innovative and patented material.

Silky coloured texture with superb transparency and light depth. Timeless and vibrant colour choices. Non-porous, dishwasher-safe, mechanical shock and thermal shock resistant (+80C to -80C). Ideal for outdoor servings with excellent cold retention properties. 100% made in France.

If placed in an oven or freezer prior to service, Mealplak dishes can keep food hot or cold for up to half an hour.

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