Francoise Paviot

Where elegance meets disposable convenience seamlessly

Françoise Paviot, a French family enterprise rooted in Lyon since 1992, emerged from Françoise’s vision for elegantly set paper tables. It all began with a small decoration boutique in Lyon’s city center, offering paper napkins, cardboard plates, candles, and packaging. With daughters contributing to design and marketing, Françoise founded Françoise PAVIOT in 1992, focusing on creating her line of paper napkins. The brand’s legacy mirrors three decades of blending family traditions with innovative craftsmanship, evolving into a benchmark for disposable high-end tableware.

Discover the elegance and craftsmanship of Francoise PAVIOT, the French benchmark for disposable high-end tableware crafted from Airlaid non-woven fabric.

From napkins to tablecloths, sets, and table runners

A range of products bridging the gap between paper and fabric, allowing for the quick creation of beautiful table settings suitable for various occasions. Whether for festive decorations, trendy tables, weddings, brunches, or for use in cafes and restaurants, Françoise Paviot offers a simple and elegant solution with high-end disposable tableware that mimics the texture of fabric, serving the art of table setting.

Airlaid non-woven fabric, the cornerstone of Françoise Paviot’s premium disposable tableware, is a versatile material crafted through a unique process. Unlike traditional textiles, Airlaid fabric combines pulp and air to form a soft and absorbent material with a textile-like feel. The result is a luxurious fabric that possesses the absorbency of paper and the tactile appeal of cloth, making it an ideal choice for creating sophisticated and high-quality disposable table linens.

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